Vocal Swing

Director: Robyn Kim




Vocal Swing is in its 3rd year and is open to men and women in grades 9-12.

This prep group will perform traditional/classical repertoire as well as collegiate a cappella music in the fall and comprise a condensed show choir set in the spring. Students in Vocal Swing continue to receive a strong music and choral education by learning to produce a genuine choral sound, singing with proper breath management, performing challenging SATB literature, and building confidence singing both alone and within the group.   Students in this ensemble will also advance in their sight-reading capabilities and work to develop a good understanding of the voice combined with work ethic and team spirit.

2019-2020 Members

Esther Aghedo

Aiyana Alston

Zoey Banton

Evan Brown

Kristen Brown

Jerry Chambers

Jasmine Charles

Alyssa Cox

Nyia David

Cassie Dizon

Grace Farrell

Jessie Ferguson

Aidan Forden

Melanie Grant

Ra’kayla Greene

Trinity Hamill

Caroline Hart

Alexa Herring

Katrina Houchens

Bethany Johnson

Jayden Jones

Elijah Krampen

Zerion Larsen

Madison Liford

Nyia McCall

Gavin Nicks

Kodesh Nora

Kendall Randich

Alicia Reese

Camilla Restrepo

Nikki Sanchez

Isabella Santos

Kendall Schenck

Amaya Stallard

Julie Stephens

Natalie Trout

Jenna Truman

Aaron Tucker

Sarah Vanatta

Emeryth Visket

Tonya Williams

Josh Wood

Olivia Zarefoss