Accappella, Concert & Chamber Choir divisions will be classified per voice part (SSA, TTB, SATB).

High School Show Choir divisions are based on the number of Singer/Dancers (performers) in the choir.

Middle School choirs will be classified in Tier V - can be adjusted based on participating choirs.


Tier I: 40+ Singer/Dancers

Tier II: 29-39 Singer/Dancers

Tier III: 19-28 Singer/Dancers

Tier IV: 18 or less Singer/Dancers

Tier V: All Middle School Choirs


Accappella, Concert & Chamber

Grand Champion

Placement recognition of Top 3 choirs in each division.

Awards per divison: Best Choral Tone, Best Repertoire

Additional superlative awards return in 2023!


Show Choir

The Koste Classic is a one-and-done competition format.

TKC23 will utilize the Carmen Scoring system and a 5 judge panel.

Awards will be presented each day, recognizing the following achievements:

Grand Champion

Placement recognition of Top 5 overall scores of  each day.

Placement recognition of Top 3 choirs in each tier.

Specialty Awards per tier: Vocals, Visuals, Band, Show, Costume & Crew.

 Additional superlative awards return in 2023!


We will bring our solo competition back again this year, to be held throughout the weekend. Entires can be ANY high school student regardelss of school affiliation. Schools may choose to enter soloists and pay entry fee ($20) or the student may enter individually for the same fee.

Soloists will be judged and critiqued by a qualified industry profeessional.

The top 3 entries from each day will have the opportunity to perform before the final awards are announced.

The Solo Competition Grand Champion will be recognized during the final awards. 


1000+ seat performance venue, ample stage and wing space, live video projection, state-of-the-art lighting- specialty lighting will be available for each group based on your desires from general wash colors to moving heads and spots, and a sound system featuring 7 wireless microphones along with condensers along and a sound projection system professionally produced to ensure correct balance and production is achieved with consideration to voice and instrumentation. 

Each year the venue is transformed to fit a specific theme and features an exceptional community space for dining, along with vendors representing a variety of items from t-shirts, buttons, arts and crafts, photography and the now infamous step-and-repeat red carpet experience! 



For groups that will need to stay either the night before/ after or both, we can assist wtih accomodations at local hotels  and can assist you with making arrangements for your choir members and their families. Additionally, we have a wonderfully supportive group of families opening their homes to house students in an effort to eliminate the financial burden on your program. Spaces are limited for our host families and will be based on a first come/ first serve basis and need. 



Rooms will be available to house your students belongings and serve a space to use as a changing/hair/make-up room.

Our host choir members personalize classrooms for each choir and its members.  Security will monitor the rooms throughout the weekend to ensure the safety of your belongings.



We work extremely hard to keep things running on time, 

scheduling each choir 30 minutes for performance with additional time for setup and strike.

We have a supportive back stage crew that will provide you with a smooth and safe set-up.